Misty 1 Algorithm

Misty is a cryptographic algorithm developed by Mitsubishi Electric after they broke DES in 1994. It is designed to withstand linear and differential cryptoanalysis, but has not yet been cryptonalysed. Misty 1 is chosen to be standard algorithm for european mobile phones.



How mars encryption algorithm works?


MISTY1 is a Feistel network with a variable number of rounds (any multiple of 4), though 8 are recommended. The cipher operates on 64-bit blocks and has a key size of 128 bits. MISTY1 has an innovative recursive structure; the round function itself uses a 3-round Feistel network. MISTY1 claims to be provably secure against linear and differential cryptanalysis.



More Encryption Algorithms:


- Blowfish (448)
- Twofish (256)
- Cast (256)
- Ice (64)
- Mars (1248)
- RC2 (1024)
- RC4 (2048)
- RC6 (2048)
- Rijn Dael (AES 256)


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