RC2, RC 4, RC 6 Algorithm

Algorithms RC2 RC4 and RC6 are a group of algorithms designed by Ron Rivest.


RC 2 algorithm


Rc2 algorithms has initially developed by the request of Lotus, for their Lotus Notes software. This algorithm was secretly kept but in 1996 source code leaked on internet. RC 2 Algorithm is 64 bit block cipher with a variable size key.


RC 4 algorithm


RC5 is algorithm created by Ron Rivest of RSA Data Security. RC 5 algorithm is known for its simplicity and is widely spread, most prominently used in SSL (for securing internet connection in online trasactions. However RC4 does not meet the highest expectations by cryptography professionals so it can lead so some insecure systems.


RC 6 algorithm

RC 6 is similar to RC 5 and it uses various techniques to improve security. RC6 proper has a block size of 128 bits and supports key sizes of 128, 192 and 256 bits


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More Encryption Algorithms:


- Blowfish (448)
- Twofish (256)
- Cast (256)
- Ice (64)
- Mars (1248)
- Misty 1 (128)
- Rijn Dael (AES 256)


RC algorithms are used in Encypt Files free deskop software. Encrypt Files is encryption application made to be simple to use and reliable for its users.