Encrypt Files is FREE program. It uses advanced data encryption algorithms to lock and protect your files, making them unreadable until you decrypt them.



Encrypt Files will work on any PC computer with Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista. There are no specific hardware requirements although the speed of encryption/decryption is directly dependant of speed of computer so if you plan to do a lot of encryption you would be better off having at least 1 Ghz machine.

How to use Encrypt Files

Middle section of the program is a folder/file tree viewer, virtually identical to Windows Explorer. Navigate to files you want to encrypt. You can pick folder as well or shift select multiple files.

File Encryption

With files or folders selected choose encrypt icon from the left pane of the program. You will be prompted to enter password. This password is used to decrypt files back, so make sure you remember it. Press "Encrypt" button to start encryption. If your file is not particularly large encryption should be finished quickly. The original file will be either kept intact, deleted, or shredded depending on options you have selected (see Options bellow)

File Decryption

Select encrypted file or files in a folder/file tree viewer. Choose decrypt icon on the left pane. Enter the password you used to decrypt files and press "Decrypt" button.


Option menu is located on the right side of window and there you can choose which algorithm to use to encrypt files and what program should do with original file that you intent to encrypt.


In Encrypt Files you can choose between 13 levels of encryption algorithms. For full explanation how they differs please click on its appropriate name.

- Blowfish (448)
- Twofish (256)
- Cast (256)
- Ice (64)
- Mars (1248)
- Misty 1 (128)
- RC2 (1024)
- RC4 (2048)
- RC6 (2048)
- Rijn Dael (AES 256)
- Tea (128)
- Serpent (256)
- Tripple Des (192)

Source File Action

This option tells the software what to do with original file after encryption. You can choose to leave file intact, delete it using regular windows delete command or shred it. Shredding is a procedure that assures deleted files will be permanently destroyed beyond recovery.

- Leave - Do not touch original file, leave it as is
- Delete - Delete original file after encrypting
- Shred - Delete original file and shred it (make it unrecoverable)


To access settings panel click on Encryption Settings button on the left pane. Settings window is split into two tabs.

Keep Date for Encrypted Files

- this option will keep original creation date on the files you want to encrypt. Creation date is an attribute Operating System applies whenever a file is created, or changed.

Mark encrypted files as hidden after encryption

- this option will put "hidden" attribute on files after they have been encrypted. "Hidden" is a attribute of Windows operating system. Please note that "hidden" files can be made visible in Windows using Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View -> Show hidden files and folders.

Enable Encrypting entire directories

- this option unlocks the functionality to encrypt folders.

Show Passwords (don't use asterisks)

-shows the passwords instead of asterisks. Asterisks are special characters commonly used to protect viewing of passwords.

Clear password box after operation

-clears the password input field ie. makes program do not remember password so you have to type it in every time you use Encrypt Files.

Ask for program password

-this option makes Encrypt Files ask for password each time you start it.

Enter Program Password and Confirm Password are input fields where you set general password for accessing Encrypt Files. Please note this is not the same as password required for file encryption. With this password you protect unauthorized use of program.

Terms of Use

Encrypt Files is free for both personal and commercial use. You are not allowed to sell or rent this software under any circumstances. Although we did our best to make this software as safe and stable as possible we can not be held responsible for any potential damage caused by usage of Encrypt Files.

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