Encrypt Files is FREE program. It uses advanced data encryption algorithms to lock and protect your files, making them unreadible until you decrypt them.

About Data Encryption

From the early years people wanted to protect their confidential data from unauthorised access or misuse. During the cold war a enormous amount of money and effort has been put in developing more secure and advanced encryption methods. Some of todays advanced encryption algorithms has their roots in cold war battle for better ways to encrypt messages. Today, data encryption found its place in corporate world, for ecommerce solutions and private use. Encryption methods are incomparably more advanced, more complicated and above all more secure. Modern encryption algorithms use very large numbers and factorisation to ensure the highest level of security. Using modern


A cryptography is scrambling (encrypting) an information (text, message, file) into unreadible mess (at least to human). The algorithms prior to 1976 were symmetric, that means the same key was used to encrypt and decrypt message. Then in 1977 two mathematicians W. Diffie and M. E. Hellman were presented the asymmetric key algorithm (also called pyblic key). It requires two keys in order to decrypt the data, a public key and a confidential private key.


File Encryption/Decryption

Encrypting and decrypting files is employing a encryption elgorithms to scramble computer files and render them unreadable. The actual algorithmic process used to encrypt computer files is the same as as for encrypting any other kind of text or document, we just more often refer to computer files when we say "file encryption".

Disk Encryption

Disk encryption usually refers to encryption of a whole hard drive and all informations on it. The actual process for disk encryption is the same as for file encryption



- Blowfish (448)
- Twofish (256)
- Cast (256)
- Ice (64)
- Mars (1248)
- Misty 1 (128)
- RC2 (1024)
- RC4 (2048)
- RC6 (2048)
- Rijn Dael (AES 256)